There’s been a dearth of quality Australian country releases so far this year, but Queenslander Nellie Donovan is one of a handful of new artists drawing their deserved share of attention.
Donovan’s debut album STEPPIN OUT features songwriting collaborations with fellow rising stars Col Finley, Natalie Howard, Jason Kemp and others.
The standout songs include the country-pop styled Anybody But You, and the upbeat country rockers Steal My Heart Away and Cruising. Donovan tests herself vocally throughout the album, particularly on the sensitive ballad My Earth Angel and the soulful groove of Sing Me An Angel.
She possibly saves the best for the final two tracks – Those Telephone Calls, a bluesy-type track featuring Col Finley on duet vocals and Smooth.
This album is a solid stepping stone for Donovan. Its released via ONE STOP ENTERTAINMENT.

Steppin Out
Nellie Donovan

Today while putting the mvv together. I've had the blissful pleasure of immersing myself in singer/songwriter Nellie Donovan's album - "Steppin Out".

You don't have to be a country music fan to enjoy Nellie's deep soulful, bluesy voice. Nellie is utterly sublime with a voice you can melt into. Many of the songs will bring a shiver over you, they are poingnant and full of emotion, particularly My Earth Angel, a song for Nellie's sister-in-law who died at only 27. When I first heard it, it made my hair stand up on the back of my neck and brought tears to my eyes. However, there is nothing depressing about this CD - it is rich and rewarding experience to enjoy.

Other songs are upbeat and cheerfully danceable, for example Cruising and the title track Steppin Out. Those Telephone Calls, a duet with Col Finley, is another outstanding track and is blissfully bluesy. The songs, many co-written by Nellie,
have a story and the CD comes with a booklet of lyrics.

Elly Bingham, Mary Valley Voice.

Nellie Donovan

Once in a while a voice emerges that by its very tone fills the ears and the hearts of the listeners like an orchestra. Nellie Donovan has a voice that ranks up there besides the great Bonnie Raitt. Songs from her new album Steppin Out, produced with a wondrous sense of excitement by the ever consistent Michael Flanders, delve into the emotions as her voice wraps around you and draws you in. Aided by Michael's talented wife Chaise, Nellie has created glorious songs with a strong contemporary soulful crossover feel. Sing Me An Angel is the first single. Other exceptional tracks are Steal My Heart Away, Cruising (both written by Jason Kemp), Sleeping Train ( written by Natalie Howard and Chaise), Rodney and Email To Heaven. Nellie is joined by Col Finley on the duet Those Telephone Calls. This album is flawless, rich and has a depth I have only previously equated with big budget productions. 100% brilliant.

Deborah Minter, Capital News.

Steppin Out

Now its not fair to Nellie to compare her to other artists but she has a quality in her voice which you can't help compare with some of country's leading females - now..... that's a big compliment.

From tender ballads to bright upbeat numbers. Nellie moves easily between styles but can also adapt her smooth, rich vocals to suit. On her album Steppin Out, she had a hand in writing many of the songs, showing that she is versatile and talented.The album has an easy going, positive feel to it. The music is contemporary in its nature and there's plenty of strength in the songs lyrically. With themes about life and love, Nellie brings a soul/blues feel to Steppin Out but without any morbid baggage.

Of the slower tracks, some of the standouts include the title track Steppin Out, which Nellie delivers with strength and confidence, the big sound of the ballad My Earth Angel, the tender Email To Heaven and a fine duet with Col Finley, Those Telephone Calls. She mixes it up well with the rocky Steal My Heart Away, the strong Sleeping Train and my favourite, the upbeat Cruising. There's plenty to like on this album which has broad appeal and should reach an audience much wider than the country market.

Bob Anthony Jnr, Up Date Magazine and The Tweed Times.

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